Tuition Details

Tuition Collection Policies 


No tuition will be collected on Parent Administration Day  (PAD Day). All tuition, annual payments (cash or check) must be received by the School office by August 5th.  Tuition paid in full by August 5th will receive a 3% discount. Annual payments on a credit card can be made by FACTS Tuition Management only by August 5th.  If arrangements for the payment of tuition are not received by July 15th there is a possibility that a student will not be able to attend St. Paul School.

Tuition not paid in full by August 5th is handled by an outside company, FACTS Tuition Management. A checking account, saving account, or credit card can be debited on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis. The online application for FACTS Tuition Management is obtained from the school website, and must be set up by July 15th.  The school does not collect tuition payments other than annual payments.

Tuition Assistance

The Diocesan FACTS Tuition Assistance Application is due by March 15th. These applications are available on-line by mid November at

Parish tuition assistance (for parishioners) is also available but application for the Diocesan FACTS Tuition Assistance MUST be applied for first. Applications for parish tuition assistance are available in the school office and are due by MAY 1st for the upcoming school year.

If you have any questions about tuition, please feel free to call 882-2710.

Parents wishing to enroll students may do so by calling the school office (614.882.2710) any time during the year. Parents then arrange to visit the school and fill out a registration form.

Click Here for 2019-2020 Tuition Schedule

Your Sunday contribution of $400/per year is required for Parishioner status.

Tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis when a child is withdrawn from St. Paul School due to a job/family relocation out of our area.There will be a $300/child processing fee.