St. Paul School School Advisory Board

St. Paul School Advisory Board
The mission of the St. Paul School Advisory Board is to promote and support a faith-based Catholic school environment that celebrates each child’s personal, spiritual, academic, and social development.
The School Advisory Board provides advice and counsel to the Pastor and School Administrators on certain issues affecting the School.  The Board works with the Parish and School Administration on an ongoing basis to establish overall strategic plans, goals and objectives, and how best to communicate these to the school community. Board members are each elected for three-year staggered terms, and elections are held each Spring.The School Advisory Board meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month during the school year.
In past years, the School Advisory Board has dedicated its focus to such matters as promoting the campaign for Reaching for Tomorrow (school renovation and construction),the Tuition Assistance Fund, and Parent Volunteerism.  The Board hasworked to gather information and make recommendations to the Principal and Pastor on theseissues.
School Advisory Board 2017-2018 Goals
1.      During the 2017-2018 school year, the School Advisory Board will support the STEM certification of St. Paul School.  This will be done by providing a member of the SAB that will be assigned/volunteered to be on the STEM committee.  This partnership will plan, communicate, and solicit community partnerships.  An update will be provided at each SAB meeting this year.
2.      During the 2017-2018 school year, the School Advisory Board will hold events at the school/parish that will support the Reaching for Tomorrow campaign.  Events will include the following: school tours, fundraising events, and marketing projects.  Events will be published on the school and parish calendar and will be evaluated at the end of the event.  A report will be given at each SAB meeting.

Click Here for School Advisory Board Bylaws & Regulations - Revised 5/10/17

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