St.  Paul School Fastscrip 2019-2020
Earn tuition credits by participating in the St. Paul School Fastscrip Program

Purchase gift cards at a discount from both local & national retailers on
Families pay full price for the gift card then receive the rebate back as a credit on the following school year’s tuition.

How does Fastscrip work?  
Here’s an example: Giant Eagle offers a 5% rebate. So on a $100 gift card, the rebate is $5.00. Then that $5.00 is divided 90%/10%...$4.50 (90%) goes to the earning St. Paul family as a credit on the following year’s tuition bill and $0.50 (10%) goes to the St. Paul General Tuition Assistance Fund. Note this 10% is tax-deductible by the earning family, as it is a contribution to a non-profit organization.  The 10% caps at $25/per family/ per contributing year.

  • Where Do You Grocery Shop?
If you shop at Meijer, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Walmart/Sam’s Club, GFS, Whole Foods – order gift cards from for the best rebates from these vendors. (Costco currently doesn’t participate.)


  • Which Local Vendors currently participate in Fastscrip?  
Giammarco’s, Karyn Hanley Photography, Krispy Kreme

  • Is your youngest child in 8th grade?
You may continue to participate in the Fastscrip program throughout their 8th grade year. Your tuition credit will be forwarded to the Diocesan high school he/she will attend as a freshman.

  • Current Earnings Period: 5/20/19 – 5/19/20 Credits will reflect on Tuition Invoice generated during Summer 2020.

  • Participating families can notify the Fastscrip team via email for a cash payout of tuition credits, otherwise rebates will rollover as a credit to following year’s tuition bill or credited towards the Tuition Assistance Fund if the family will no longer attend St. Paul School. Notifications will only be accepted between 5/1 through 5/19 of the current period.

How to Sign Up:

  • Fastscrip orders are placed on selected Mondays by 9am throughout the school year.  
  • Order Due Mondays by 9am Order Ready Fridays
    8/26/19 8/30/19
    9/9/19 9/13/19
    9/23/19 9/27/19
    10/7/19 10/11/19
    10/21/19 10/25/19
    11/4/19 11/8/19
    11/18/19 11/22/19
    12/2/19 12/6/19
    12/9/19 12/13/19
    1/13/20 1/17/20
    1/27/20 1/31/20
    2/10/20 2/14/20
    2/24/20 2/28/20
    3/9/20 3/13/20
    3/30/20 4/3/20
    4/27/20 5/1/20
    5/11/20 5/15/20
  • Payment is made through PrestoPay (a service provided by our vendor “GLScrip”, which will debit your bank account for the face value of your order plus a small convenience fee.)
  • Learn More:
  • All orders must include the ShopWithScrip Order Confirmation printout and payment/PrestoPay in the reusable envelope you will receive with your first Fastscrip order. Please be sure to use this envelope throughout the year, as it helps facilitate order processing.  For your 1st order, send printout  in any type of envelope to the office labeled "Fastscrip".
  • Indicate on your Order Confirmation how you would like to receive the gift cards. A signature is required if the order is to be sent home with your child. You may also choose to pick up your order in the school office on the designated pick-up date. Orders will NOT be sent home with a student without a signature on the order confirmation. Fastscrip is not responsible for gift cards after they have been signed out of the office or classroom.

How to look up your current tuition credits:

  • Log onto Select “My Account” Tab from top menu, then “Account Activity” from left panel.

  • See amount by “Total Rebate This Program Year To Date” – this is your tuition credit Note: this amount does not include the contribution (10% or $25 cap) to the St. Paul Tuition Assistance Fund.


Facebook: join our group “St. Paul Fastscrip” for order reminders and bonuses!
St. Paul Website:

Questions?  Email the Fastscrip Team at:
 Lanie Scheiwer (513.706.2713)  Arica Worth (614.554.6712)  Lisa Solazzo (614.309.0030)