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8th Grade , Social Studies

Homework -- for daily updates, please use the Grade 8 calendar.

  • - If your student is not sure how to do their homework or is spending an excessive amount of time on it, have them try 1/3 and send me an email no later than 8pm
  • ( 
  •    The next day, your student MUST come in to see me at recess.  When they come in, we will go over what they were confused about and they will
  •     complete/fix  their homework.  If the student does not email me AND come in, THE MHS STANDS
  • - I am available for extra help every day at recess.  Passes are located in my room.  Your student does not have to ask for one, they just pick one up.
  • - If your printer breaks, have student email the assignment to me or save to their flash drive and we can print it off at school. 
  • - If your student needs any specific accommodations, to make their learning experience more comfortable, please let me know.   I will do my best to accommodate them.

  • - no shouting out/wait to be called on
  • - treat everyone with respect
  • - be on time for class
  • - ask questions and participate
  • - follow directions

How to complete reading assignments:
- Read pages assigned. 
- When finished with a section, put the following in your notebook:
  1.   List all words in bold/highlighted and their definitions
   2. Answer any questions in Section Assessment and/or  Chapter review. 

Weekly homework reading assignments – from seven to eight pages – is the norm, not the exception.  I will continue to place the assignments on the St. Paul website Homework Calendar.  Please encourage your student to complete these assignments.  You might even want to engage them in conversation about their readings, as these discussions at home will enhance the learning process for them at school.

The We the People Middle School Showcase is a great year-end culmination of our students’ 8th grade social studies program at St. Paul School. The Showcase is held annually at the Ohio State University Fawcett Center. This is an opportunity for our students to work together in teams and compete against other middle schools from around the state while sharing their government knowledge in mock congressional hearings. Six St. Paul School teams of five students each arrive with two prepared four-minute statements on particular U. S. government questions and issues. They then have an opportunity to defend their positions before “panels” comprised of professionals from various walks of life – attorneys, courtroom judges, Ohio Supreme Court justices, and educators. A remarkable – and unforgettable -- learning experience for our young adults!

Learn more about the Ohio We the People program -- and view pictures from previous years' Showcases -- by selecting this link.