My Backpack

7th Grade , Social Studies

Your SS text is available on line.  Please use the username and password that was given to you (the same as your math username and password).  You will be able to read the text, take quizzes, hear audio...
This is a WONDERFUL resource, you no longer have to take your book back and forth from school to home:)



  • - If your student is not sure how to do their homework or is spending an excessive amount of time on it, have them try 1/3 and send me an email no later than 8pm
  • ( 
  •    The next day, your student MUST come in to see me at recess.  When they come in, we will go over what they were confused about and they will
  •     complete/fix  their homework.  If the student does not email me AND come in, THE MHS STANDS
  • - I am available for extra help every day at recess.  Passes are located in my room.  Your student does not have to ask for one, they just pick one up.
  • - If your printer breaks, have student email the assignment to me or save to their flash drive and we can print it off at school. 
  • - If your student needs any specific accommodations, to make their learning experience more comfortable, please let me know.   I will do my best to accommodate them.

  • - no shouting out/wait to be called on
  • - treat everyone with respect
  • - be on time for class
  • - ask questions and participate
  • - follow directions

How to complete reading assignments:
- Read pages assigned. 
- When finished with a section, put the following in your notebook:
  1.   List all words in bold/highlighted and their definitions
   2. Answer any questions in Section Assessment and/or  Chapter review.