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4th Grade , Math


We have been covering the standards of place value, being able to solve problems using all four operations, patterns, and identifying factors and multiples. These concepts fall under the essential standards: Number and Operations – Base Ten and Operations and Algebraic Thinking. This means that students should be able to use all four operations to solve and justify mathematical problems. It also includes being able to generate and analyze number and shape patterns. This involves finding a rule and showing the rule by writing an equation with variables, finding a shape pattern that follows a given rule and being able to describe features of a pattern. It also means that a student recognizes that a digit in one place represents ten times what is represented in the place to its right. A student should be able to write base-ten numerals for multi-digit numbers, read and write number names for multi-digit numbers, use expanded form, compare two multi-digit numbers  using the symbols > , <  and =.  Students should be able to round multi-digit numbers to any place. Looking ahead we will begin the standards of Number and Operations in Base Ten (multi-digit computation for all four operations) and Measurement and Data.