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4th Grade , Language Arts


Click here for a quick overview of the skills required to meet the standards.  In addition to this sheet, please review the “I Can” statements that were distributed on Curriculum Night.  

Hello from  the Language Arts Room:

We are off and running.  Our first few weeks have been full of new procedures, rules, friends and ideas.  We started creating our LA  notebook by setting up the Writing and the Reading sections.  The students will be taking notes about each of the topics in this notebook.  Sometimes we will be cutting and pasting interactive pages, too!  Moms and Dads should feel free to ask to see this notebook, and students should use it to review material that has been covered in class.

Each day we start with a prayer and a round of "stump Mrs. Ryan."  The kids try to ask me a question that I cannot answer, based on their Simple Solutions homework.  In essence, this is a review of any difficult questions that the students encountered the night before.  There is a lot of learning going on in these 10-15 minutes.

We are learning about theme and character through reading some Greek Mythology in our Reading Comprehension text.  Students read "The Gift of Fire" three times, each time for a specific reason.  This practice is called Close Reading and fosters critical thinking about a text.  The students should be able to talk to parents about the definition of a theme and how they came up with one for the story.  They should also be able to talk about how readers learn about characters.  There will be a test over these concepts and the definition of "myth" soon.

Next up?  A quick look at short stories and an introduction to our first novel:  The Tale of Despereaux, by Kate DiCamillo.

Looking forward to fall weather!

Mrs. Ryan

Note the schedules that are listed on the right hand side of the page, especially those for Spelling and Simple Solutions.  There is also information about how to access Spelling City, which we will use now and then.  Please note:  Spelling words will not be on Spelling City UNLESS noted for the Unit.