My Backpack

Andrea Shearn


Our STAR STUDENT this week is CJ Smerdel! Last week it was Jackson Dine!

Here's what we've been up to:

Religion-Jesus' mission; discipleship
L.A.- Daily 5 activites including writing, reading informational texts and biographies,writing our own biographies and listening to reading on Raz-kids and Epic!
Social Studies-early pioneers; immigration
Science-sound, heat and light energy

***Please make sure your child is bringing home their planner each day. Also, please be sure to check the take home folder each night. Please leave items on the SCHOOL side in the folder. Thanks!


Simple Solution Quizzes will be every Friday. We will alternate between math and grammar quizzes. The students do not need to study for these quizzes. They will be assessed on their understanding of the concepts learned during that weeks homework lessons. 

Spelling City

Sheppard Software

Religion Website

3rd Grade Skills Website

Curriculum Night Slide Show


Please bring a healthy snack each day.
Sandwiches are a good choice to keep full until lunchtime.