After School Care

A.C.E. Program Philosophy

We, the St. Paul School Community, acknowledge parents as the primary educators of their children.

We believe it is our responsibility to assist parents in nurturing the social, academic, emotional, and spiritual growth of their children in a caring, learning environment, which encourages creativity and independent thought, responsibility for one's own learning, and respect for the rights of others to learn.

St. Paul After-School Care Program (A.C.E.) is designed to complement our school program by providing a safe and happy environment for school aged children during after school hours. Since the after school hours would otherwise be spent at home, this program will strive for a home type atmosphere. Children will be offered opportunities for physical activities, for play and socialization with other children, for creativity through arts and craft projects, for quiet time to read or work on homework.

We invite our students to celebrate their own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others and to join us in creating a community where the Catholic faith is lived daily.

Program Objectives

Provide children with a safe, clean, and stimulating environment rich in age appropriate art, music, science, creative, and dramatic activities.

Provide an atmosphere that enhances positive self-image, self-confidence, self-control, and respect.

Provide opportunity for free choice and problem-solving, within limits, to encourage independence and responsibility.


Parents' needs will be met through a program that:

Provides a value-oriented environment which complements both home and school environments.

Is sensitive to the needs of children and families.