About Our School

Mission & Belief

St. Paul School in Westerville, Ohio is a Roman Catholic community dedicated to teaching, living and learning in the light of Christ. We foster the development of the Roman Catholic faith by encompassing instruction, prayer, religious experiences, and service.
Each St. Paul School student is a valued person with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.

St. Paul School provides direction in helping students become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.

St. Paul School promotes a safe, healthy, respectful and positive environment.

Teachers, administrators, parents, and students share the responsibility for student learning and for advancing the mission of St. Paul School.

More about Our Mission & Belief

St. Paul School has 770 students enrolled in Kindergarten through 8th Grade as of October 31, 2018.  
All paid staff must have on file both BCI and FBI background checks and must attend "Protecting God's Children."
All volunteers must have on file a BCI background check and must attend "Protecting God's Children" no matter how much or how little contact they have with children or youth, no matter if volunteering for the school or parish, and no matter what time of the day or night they volunteer."