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The QUILL -- Our Monthly Newsletter
August 2015

Reaching for tomorrow

This plan for the future of our school building was unveiled at the 2015 School Open House on January 29th. The expansion and improvements to the school building outlined in this video will benefit the day school, PSR and the entire parish community. Watch for more information to come soon.
Watch the video here
Note from the Principal

A Word From Our Principal

Dear St. Paul Parents and Families:
When you choose to send your children to St. Paul Catholic School you are indeed offering them a unique inheritance of faith-based teaching, living, and learning. You are taking the responsibility as the primary edu-cator of your children, to ensure their spiritual and academic formation based upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As faith-based educators, we respect the choice you have made to send your children to a Catholic school and your willingness to be actively involved in their school and faith life.

Kathleen Norris, PhD
Principal of St. Paul School