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  • Thursday, September 11th, students and teachers are permitted to accent their un...

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  • Important calendar correction. Terra Nova Testing for Grades 3-8 will be the wee...

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  • The KidStuff Book sale is now coming to a close and we ask that if you have an o...

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  • Grades 5-8 Curriculum Night is Thursday, August 28, 7pm. Gather in the AC. Grade...

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  • School pictures are scheduled for Wednesday, August 27th during school hours. P...

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The QUILL -- Our Monthly Newsletter
May/June 2014

US Department of Education
Complete Blue Ribbon Press Release
September 24, 2013

School Year 2013-2014 Video
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Class of 2014 Video
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A Word From Our Principal

Dear St. Paul Families:
We are so excited to welcome you all back to another wonderful year at St. Paul School! We have been working hard all summer to prepare for your return. We are thrilled to begin our 2014-2015 school year with some exciting new changes.
This summer we have worked toward the completion of our security plan that included color coding and numbering sections of our building to make it easier for first responders to access our building in an effective, safe, and timely manner. All rooms in the building have been given a number that is now displayed on the inside and outside of each 

Kathleen Norris, PhD
Principal of St. Paul School